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Relationships are everything in business – and that’s no different for nonprofits, or direct marketers. We were flattered to be included in the recent NonProfit PRO article, Direct Marketing Fundraising Lies in the Art of Friendship by Tina Bryson from the Christian Appalachian Project (CAP). As long time clients of ours, the CAP team is more than just friends – in many ways they are part of our family!  

  • Last year saw many people become so emotionally charged that they acted or donated to nonprofit organizations – often for the first time. From everything we see so far, 2017 isn’t going to be any different. So, how can nonprofits best cultivate these new prospects and donors and ensure they stay around once their emotions die down?
  • Knowing how to engage and retain these unique audiences was a key focus of the 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference last month. So how can you be successful in your efforts?
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How does your organization's culture impact the work of your nonprofit? Digital project manager Upma Kapoor shares some tips in Georgetown University Center for Social Impact Communication online magazine, The Blur, after attending Beth Kanter and Aliza Sherman’s book event for The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact Without Burnout.

  • Around this time two years ago, I was in my last semester at Elon University and about to graduate with a degree in marketing.  Like many other seniors, I was worried about what my future would look like. Good fortune was with me, though, and I landed at CDR Fundraising Group soon after, where I enthusiastically began my career in direct response and fundraising.
  • Recently, I was invited to speak on a career panel for the Direct Marketing Association of Washington (DMA-W). The purpose of the session was to provide professors with further insight on how to best... Read More

How does your audience read your direct mail copy? Vice President of Creative Services Julie Dixon’s recent blog post for the DMAW, “Direct Mail Copy for Skimmers, Swimmers and Divers” will provide you with winning techniques, phrases and structure for all types of readers.